Leaders in Tongue Tie Education

Australia’s most experienced educators in oral restrictions

The Tongue Tie Institute exists to improve the quality of education regarding the identification, diagnosis, treatment, aftercare and life-long effects of tongue and lip ties.



High quality instruction from Australia’s most experienced oral restriction educators. Our team’s extensive practical experience takes you well beyond the theoretical to learn how to comprehensively identify, diagnose and treat oral restrictions.

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Foundation Course


Our Foundation Course examines the research, current approaches, paradigms and results of comprehensive treatment of tethered oral tissue.

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Advanced Course – Infants & Toddlers


Our Advanced Course covers all elements of running a tongue tie clinic for Infants & Toddlers and includes an additional observation day at Enhance Tongue Tie Clinic.

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What participants say about our courses

Thank you. I didn't know where to start my journey in helping others through comprehensive diagnosis of treatment, but this was the perfect place.

Foundation Course Participant

The course opened my eyes to a multi-disciplinary approach to new born treatment and a new gold standard in tongue release diagnosis.

Advanced Course Participant

This is a great course and I think essential to being a good practitioner. The knock on dental, facial and whole body implications are huge. Marjan and Dan are wonderful speakers - Extremely knowledgeable, great delivery of info and so very relevant and practical. An enlightening and practice-altering course.

Foundation & Advanced Course Particpant

The process that has been developed really is a comprehensive management of the mother and child, and not a cookie cutter sausage factory frenectomy college. This really impressed me, and the potential benefits from releasing ties for long term facial development are logical and sound.

Foundation & Advanced Course Participant